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Information for enjoyers of a glass of wine.

Napa Wine Tour

Are you a lover of wine? Most of you would reply to the positive.  It is well known that California in the USA, has some excellent wineries due to the quality of the Napa Grapes.  Napa County is located on the west coast of the US and its soil and climate makes it...

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Merlot with Cabernet

If you love a good red, then you can’t do much better than a good Merlot.  Grown and produced around the world and readily available, it is interesting to compare the gentle subtleties between each country’s offerings. If you compare Merlot to another red, you could...

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Why Kosher?

Kosher refers to a particular method of preparation that applies to the Jewish faith.  Some branches of the Jewish religion are very strict and insist on their foods and wines being produced in a Kosher fashion. One of the main requirements for strict Jewish dietary...

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Italian Wines

All wines from Italy and produced from four regions.  They are, Central, South Islands region, Northeast and Northwest.  Every region is responsible for producing different wines, with their own particular production methods, consequently there are many different...

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Enjoying Ice Wine

From the very beginning, ice wine is very different from ordinary wines. To start with, the grapes are picked when frozen. This process produces that very sweet taste that ice wine has as the mixture contains frozen water, acid and highly concentrated sugar. The mind...

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Wine Making over the Years

Wine is expensive you say, so let’s make our own.  Not as easy as it sounds.  There are many steps to follow to create a good bottle of wine.  There are plenty of wrong ways and only one right way.  In your ancestor’s day you could never afford to purchase a bottle of...

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Riesling, a great German Wine.

Arguably the most popular white wine today is Riesling.   Germany is responsible for a vast majority of this wine, in fact 20% of Germany’s entire wine is produced using the Riesling grape.  Germany has a long history of wine production and have been learning and...

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French Wines

French wines have always had a reputation of being the best in the world.  Many people who have visited France have noted that just about everyone in France drinks wine with their meals, so the locals really appreciate good wine. Could you imagine walking along a...

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Food and Wine Combinations

The big confusion with most novice wine drinkers is what wine should you buy to go with what food. This area is portrayed as a very complex one, which scares a lot of beginners to the extent where they give up and order a Beer or their favourite beverage rather than...

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A Good Meal Deserves a Fine Wine

A perfect meal at a restaurant can mean different things to different people. Some people prefer to dine in a less formal “eatery” where the deserts are legendary and their idea of fun is to have the champagne running constantly. Some, who enjoy a hearty meal, would...

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Decanting Wine the Right Way

  What does “decanting wine” mean anyway?  Well, put in a nutshell, it means to pour wine into a decanter without disturbing the sediment. Sounds easy, but certain steps need to be followed to ensure this is done correctly.  The idea is to pour the wine into a...

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California Wine Country.

Are you thinking of travelling through the California Wine Country? You will find a selection of top regions to choose from.  Some of these areas include Mendocino, Monterey, Sonoma Valley or maybe Napa Valley. Napa Valley has a great variation of wineries to choose...

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