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Italian Wine CorksAll wines from Italy and produced from four regions.  They are, Central, South Islands region, Northeast and Northwest.  Every region is responsible for producing different wines, with their own particular production methods, consequently there are many different styles of wine produced in Italy.  They claim the largest variety of wine types in the world, using both native and international grapes.

The biggest, and consequently the most affluent, of the wine regions is the Northwest.  Some of the areas, which are well known, include Emilia-Romagna, Liguria, Lombardy and Piedmont.

The North East is considered one of the most modern producers of wine today. They started production in this area in the 1970’s and very quickly became an area where you could learn how to produce and appreciate wine. Three well known areas in the North East are Veneto, Trentino-Alto Adige and Friuli – Venezia Giulia.

The Central region, which produces some of the more well-known wines, utilises a combination of new and old methods to produce their wines.  Regions you may have heard of are Tuscany, Abruzzi, Molise, Marches and Umbria.

Finally, the South and Islands region, which produces around 40% of the wine in Italy, include the following regions. Campania, Sardinia, Calabria, Sicily and Basilicata.  The ancient Greeks used to refer to this area as “The land of Wine”.

There are many ways to try Italian wine if you are not familiar with them.  Most Italian families include wine with their meals and select the wine that best compliments the dish they are serving.

A great way to discover Italian wine is to order a glass when you are dining at your favourite Italian restaurant.  Most restaurants will provide the wine by the glass, which gives you a very good introduction to suitable wines and you are able to select your favourite wine for re-ordering on a later visit, or for purchasing a wine to enjoy at home.  This also alleviates the embarrassment some feel about ordering a bottle of wine without knowing the taste.

A great way to enjoy your wine is to use a wine chiller or aerator.  We can recommend a wine chilling rod which can do both of these things.  By Pourings, you can ensure your wine is at its best right to the last drop.  Visit this link to learn more about this amazing product.

Enjoy your adventure into the wonderful world of Italian Wine