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If you love a good red, then you can’t do much better than a good Merlot.  Grown and produced around the world and readily available, it is interesting to compare the gentle subtleties between each country’s offerings.

If you compare Merlot to another red, you could try a Cabernet.  Cabernet is considered heavier than Merlot, so it is an interesting test to combine the two wines, with the softer Merlot taming the heaviness of the Cabernet.  Try it, we think you will be impressed.

One of the most prominent tastes in wine is the Tannin contained.  Actually, Tannin is a chemical which is produced by the pips, skins and stalks of the red grapes.  The taste of Tannin is very specific and a lot of people do not like a wine that is heavy with Tannin.

When you taste a wine and you find that your lips pucker, this is the tannin causing this reaction.  Tannin produces a dry sensation in your mouth.  This is more noticeable in a young red wine.  Given time to age, this taste can revert to a full bodied flavour that softens and improve over time.

So don’t be in a hurry to drink your Merlot’s, if they are particularly young, leave them for a while to mature and you will reap the benefits of waiting, or, as we mentioned earlier, mix your softer Merlot with a bottle of the heavier Cabernet and experience a unique taste.

Experiment with Merlot, go to your wine store and take a look at the varieties available.  Talk to the Manager about the age of the wine and where it was made.  If you do not have a local wine shop, then go on-line.  There are just so many options available it would be impossible to list them here.  There are many good Merlots for sale on-line.

One of the things that a Merlot needs (as with all reds) is to be allowed to breathe once the bottle is opened.  A useful tool for allowing this is an aerator which doubles as a chiller. Pourings offers a sophisticated looking aerator/chiller at a very reasonable price.  To find out more about this product, click on this link.