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Are you a lover of wine? Most of you would reply to the positive.  It is well known that California in the USA, has some excellent wineries due to the quality of the Napa Grapes.  Napa County is located on the west coast of the US and its soil and climate makes it ideal for growing grapes.

Now here’s the thing, if you love wine, how about visiting Napa County for a holiday?  You will be in seventh heaven as there are over 200 wineries there from the well-known Abiouness Wines and Acacia Winery to Young Ridge Estate

Wines catered for include Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Merlot as well as other wines.  There are tours organised by the vineyards that ferry you from one winery to the next to experience the making of the wine and to also taste and purchase their products.

There are two kinds of tours arranged by Napa Valley Tours – guided and unguided.  A guided tour would require the renting of a chauffeured vehicle that will glide you effortlessly from one winery to the next.  The unguided tour means you are on your own.  There is a warning here though, the traffic between the wineries can be thick and may take up much of your time with travelling.  The solution would be to visit the lesser known, more isolated wineries, but again, this would mean a lot of time travelling.

Our recommendation is, however, to take a rented vehicle with a driver, or hop on a bus tour.  The main reason is – you want to relax and after visiting several wineries, you will not feel, or in fact are legal to drive – even walking may prove too much for some.  So for a party of 6 to a group of 16, hire a private vehicle which are very reasonably priced.  The tour can take around 6 hours, so it would seem logical to get someone else to do the work while you sit back, save your feet and enjoy the wines offered you.

Of course there are other costs to be taken into consideration.  Most wineries will charge an entrance fee of $10.00 per head for tastings.  Usually offered with these tastings are things such as crackers and pieces of bread.

Lunch should also be factored in, as you can get awfully hungry after a few tastings.  There are many cafes, diners and shops along the way, but be warned, these get extremely busy and may not be able to cater for a large group.  Always book your lunch ahead of your tour and allow yourself $30.00 per head or more for this meal.

Don’t hold on to the purse strings too tightly, as by the time you hire your chauffeured vehicle, enjoy lunch, try several wineries and of course purchase the wines there won’t be much left.  However, you will complete your Napa Valley tour with a full stomach, feet that are not sore and a lot of happy memories and tales to take back home.